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Benin: Local fruit juice cocktails

Duration : 4min 43sec | Posted : 09/13/2016 | Channel : Value-addition
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Fresnellia SAGBO, 33 years, holds a degree in food technology and is pursuing her PhD. In 2012, she started her enterprise “Les Jus Freshy”, specialised in the production of local fruit juice cocktails.
Fresnellia started to make baobab juice with 5,000 FCFA. At the beginning, her relatives were buying her products to encourage her to continue. It is like this that her business grew. She was saving and investing the profits each time into equipment so as to increase the production capacity. Today, her company has 7 permanent employees and produces over 500 bottles of fruit juice daily.
"To get into agricultural entrepreneurship, it’s first of all to have an idea that is yours. Don’t copy exactly what others are doing. Add a personal touch to it and innovate," says Fresnellia.