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Benin: The gardens of hope

Duration : 4min 54sec | Posted : 12/13/2016 | Channel : Green Jobs
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Five youths from Benin and Niger are testing and advising farmers on agro-ecological techniques.
With a background in organic agriculture, Souleymane ABDOU-BAHAR understood the importance of eating safe and healthy vegetables. When he arrived in Benin, he noticed that farmers were not using pesticides correctly. And this presented a danger for the farmers themselves, the consumers and also the environment.
So, together with a group of youths, he started the association “The gardens of hope”, whereby they experiment on agro-ecological practices and provide advisory services to farmers on sustainable agriculture.
“Going back to the land is good, but we have to do it in a dynamic that preserves the environment,” says Oluwafèmi KOCHONI, secretary general of the association.