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Burkina Faso: At the farm “Ten chicks”

Duration : 6min 57sec | Posted : 03/14/2017 | Channel : Production
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Yombi OUÉDRAOGO, 39 years, is a legal expert. He started poultry farming with 10 chicks in 2011, today his farm has 3,000 birds.
Livestock farming is a passion for Yombi. As a child, he always had chickens at his place. It’s this passion that encouraged him to start his own project. In the day, he works at the public service, and in the afternoon, he works on his farm. Yombi is not alone in this adventure. His wife also helps him manage the farm. She acts as the veterinarian and the marketing manager of the farm.
“It’s an activity that requires passion and determination. The passion only leads to mistakes,” says Yombi.