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Cameroon: Growing crops in the house

Duration : 3min 49sec | Posted : 08/23/2016 | Channel : Technology & Services
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Flavien KOUATCHA, 27 years, is an engineer in Cameroon. In 2015, he founded “Save Our Agriculture”, a start-up specialised in the conception of aquaponic kits.
Aquaponics is a technique that combines fish farming (aquaculture) with soil-less culture of plants (hydroponics).
Flavien makes individual aquaponic kits for people who want to grow organic crops in their house. He has a small kit called the “Helene kit” for people at home who want to grow their food. The bigger kit (which is three times bigger than the “Helene kit”) is destined to restaurants and hotels that want to produce for their clients and who need a considerable amount every day.